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Location: Necronomicon
Special Powers: Silica once made a ray gun out of tape and a box of tampons
Favorite Movie: Evil Dead II
Good Looking?: Extremely
Favorite Deadite: Silica
IQ: 131+
Favorite Pastime: We welcome admiration.
Shows Seen: 20+
Note: Yes we are Gods gift to Necronomicon and all geeks of action. We are the federation of the monkey, which protects its God foresaken core. Not even behind the shadow of the growth on Jordan Levy's ass will you hide from our justice.
Hits 3923
Online Status OFFLINE
Last Online 05/31/2007 15:37:26

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I'm friggin' pissed! 


Someone ate my last half gallon of vanilla bean ice cream that I had in the sub-zero walk-in freezer. It was clearly labeled "TINY WIGHT's VANILLA BEAN ICE CREAM, ASSHOLE. NO TOUCHY." 


I just got back from the grocery store with all these sundae fixin's and now I'm standing here with MUD on my face. Whoever took that ice cream, I swear to you "I will punch your fucking lights out".




What's best after killing zombies?

D.S.T.S Member

Jinx Jubilee
Special Powers:: - Transforming: When aggravated, Jinx turns into the carnivorous dinosaur of his choice. - Confusion: Jinx can get so confused that he will baffle you and cause you to tip over. - Rampage (only used when transformation would be inappropriate, like at comic book store or his mom's house): Jinx Jubilee gets wicked mad when people make fun of good movies (like if their trying to be a jerk or something), especially low budget horror movies. He's not very strong, but he could probably sever your head if you made fun his favorite movies. * When in dire circumstances, Jubilee will lie like a terd-burgling pooch and use unnecessary amounts of sarcasm, this does not always (or usually) withdraw him from those dire circumstances.

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