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You’d Be a 10% Better Monster Hunter if You Lost 15 Pounds
Written by Tiny Wight   

I’ll admit that from time to time I indulge in a 5 scoop ice cream sundae with all the fixin’s. I’ll readily admit that. Sweets are really just so great. They provide a terrific pick-me-up when you’re feeling oh-so-blue, don’t they? Problem is, though, you’ve been having a few too many. Not for nothing, but I’m just saying – you’d be a 10% better monster hunter if you lost about 15 pounds.

Sundaes are really so great. Never will I, Tiny Wight, advocate the use or proliferation of sugar substitutes – that crap will never be able to take the place of good old fashion exercise. Calories can be burned in many fun and interesting ways. Here are a few activity suggestions and their associated caloric values that may help the old you become the new you:

Activity/Approx. Calories Burned:

* Brushing your teeth (I’m begging you to start here): 20 calories

* Killing a zombie: 15 calories (efficiently), 200+ calories (struggling to avoid being bitten/eaten, then killing zombie)

* 30 Minutes of practice-killing melons: 260 calories

60 Minutes of sexual intercourse: 2-1000+ calories (style-dependent)

Struggling to escape from quicksand: 300+ calories

Wrestling an alligator/human hybrid (assuming alligator feet/human hands): 250 calories (average/land), 1000 calories (average/piranha infested water)

Dancing through an entire Deadites live set: 460 calories

Telling a far-fetched, over-embellished version of a monster-hunting exploit: 10 calories (normal), 200 calories (with grandiose hand-gestures and spirited reenactments)

Drop-kicking a demon hellbeast through an interdimensional portal a split second before it closes forever, thereby delivering it back to the hoary netherworld from whence it came for all eternity: 40 calories

* Waking up to find you’ve been buried alive, screaming for 20 minutes, eventually clawing, smashing and chewing your way out of the coffin, then digging your way through 6’ of freshly packed soil to sunlight – glorious sunlight – you thought you’d never see it again: 2500 calories (highly recommended weight-loss exercise)

* 60 Minutes of knitting: 150 calories (standard), 160 calories (macramé)

Wow! Here I’ve selflessly detailed for you a handful of calorie-burning, muscle-ripping exercises and activities to get you in the best shape of your life. At absolutely no up-front cost to you I’ve created a road map from the old you to the new, sexier, more confident and more efficient monster-hunting you. With only 20-1440 minutes of exercise a day and a sensible meal plan, you can lose that extra 15 pounds in just a few short weeks and become a 10% better monster hunter than you are today.

"I guarantee it"*

Take it from me – I’ve devoted my entire life to preventing people just like you from becoming zombies and/or ignorant assholes. “It’s what I do.” – Tiny Wight © 2007

With exercise and a sensible meal plan, you too can be RIPPED and READY for anything that comes your way!



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I'm friggin' pissed! 


Someone ate my last half gallon of vanilla bean ice cream that I had in the sub-zero walk-in freezer. It was clearly labeled "TINY WIGHT's VANILLA BEAN ICE CREAM, ASSHOLE. NO TOUCHY." 


I just got back from the grocery store with all these sundae fixin's and now I'm standing here with MUD on my face. Whoever took that ice cream, I swear to you "I will punch your fucking lights out".



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