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Jinx Jubilee
Jinx Jubilee
Location: Matool
Special Powers: - Transforming:
When aggravated, Jinx turns into the carnivorous dinosaur of his choice.
- Confusion:
Jinx can get so confused that he will baffle you and cause you to tip over.
- Rampage (only used when transformation would be inappropriate, like at comic book store or his mom's house):
Jinx Jubilee gets wicked mad when people make fun of good movies (like if their trying to be a jerk or something), especially low budget horror movies. He's not very strong, but he could probably sever your head if you made fun his favorite movies.
* When in dire circumstances, Jubilee will lie like a terd-burgling pooch and use unnecessary amounts of sarcasm, this does not always (or usually) withdraw him from those dire circumstances.
Favorite Movie: The Good, The Bad, & the Ugly
Monsters Killed: 20-100
Good Looking?: Extremely
Favorite Deadite: Oracle
IQ: 0-70
Favorite Pastime: consuming peanut M&M's
Shows Seen: 6-10
Note: - If you can not see half of his face it is because he is half robotic.
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Last Online 10/05/2007 19:23:15

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