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Bobert J. Costas
Bobert J. Costas
Location: Upton, MA
Special Powers: Ability to create and destroy entire worlds within the confines of my psyche; ability to compress and manipulate pockets of air to such a degree that I create seemingly invisible "wind razords" which I use to slash and rend my enemies; posessor of the almighty MANBOOBS OF DARK FURY, which allow me to lull any being into a stupor by means of sexual hypnotism.
Favorite Movie: Edward Scissorhands
Monsters Killed: 101-500
Good Looking?: No
IQ: 131+
Favorite Pastime: Playing in SLITSTITCH.
Shows Seen: 6-10
Note: Although I happen to be monster myself, I have taken a secret vow to hunt down and slaughter my own kind; only that way can I be truly unique. However, since I still AM a monster, I might have the sudden urge to bite you. Don't blame me - just because I'm doing my part to obliterate the monster community from the inside out, it doesn't put me in a higher moral standing! HAHAHA!!!
Hits 2074
Online Status OFFLINE
Last Online 06/19/2007 02:33:25

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Hunting Tips

I'm friggin' pissed! 


Someone ate my last half gallon of vanilla bean ice cream that I had in the sub-zero walk-in freezer. It was clearly labeled "TINY WIGHT's VANILLA BEAN ICE CREAM, ASSHOLE. NO TOUCHY." 


I just got back from the grocery store with all these sundae fixin's and now I'm standing here with MUD on my face. Whoever took that ice cream, I swear to you "I will punch your fucking lights out".




What's best after killing zombies?

D.S.T.S Member

Jinx Jubilee
Special Powers:: - Transforming: When aggravated, Jinx turns into the carnivorous dinosaur of his choice. - Confusion: Jinx can get so confused that he will baffle you and cause you to tip over. - Rampage (only used when transformation would be inappropriate, like at comic book store or his mom's house): Jinx Jubilee gets wicked mad when people make fun of good movies (like if their trying to be a jerk or something), especially low budget horror movies. He's not very strong, but he could probably sever your head if you made fun his favorite movies. * When in dire circumstances, Jubilee will lie like a terd-burgling pooch and use unnecessary amounts of sarcasm, this does not always (or usually) withdraw him from those dire circumstances.

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